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There are a lot of paid surveys websites over the Internet these days. But not all of them are reliable and really pay their participants. Our team spent a ton of time compiling the following list so you can pick up the website you like among trusted and approved paid surveys companies. If you want to see a particular company in this list – simply drop us a line via our contact form with a company website and we will consider it!

#1 SaySo4Profit

This site, which is providing paid surveys on the Internet, is more suitable for those who like to express their opinion. On this resource you do not conduct a survey about different products, but represent the opportunity to write your own opinion about the goods that you are familiar with. So the producer pays money to companies that organize paid surveys, and those in turn give part of their profits to survey participants, taking away the surplus they received as their remuneration. Thanks to the global economy’s exit from the crisis and its entry into a recovery phase in most countries, interest in marketing research is growing, they are becoming popular both among numerous producers and among millions of consumers. Participate in the market research and focus group opportunities and make up to $ 200 cash per session! Free online sweepstakes, discount coupons, exclusive offers and savings. Come, share your opinions about products and earn real money

Our score: 9.8/10

#2 Paid Survey Depot

If you have heard of paid survey sites, you might have heard of the popular Paid Surveys Depot. It has an extremely simple concept: you get paid for your opinions. Websites like Paid Surveys Depot give you access to tons of surveys that you can get paid for. People who live in the USA can get income here. It’s an old and proven resource that provides an opportunity to earn money on polls. After registration, go to your profile, and fill in personal information. The site is very simple, understandable, nothing superfluous in design. Then you just pick a survey, complete it, and get the reward. has always been free and will always continue to be free. The best things in life are Free. We make money from our partners. Surveys paying up to $ 75. You make an average of $ 5- $ 10 per survey that you can complete up to 3 per hour. Join Paid Survey Depot today and start earning now. The amount of money you end up making all depends on the amount of surveys you complete that month. You could get $75 or you could get well over $1,000. So, it all depends on how many you are willing to complete. Sometimes, the reward for completing surveys is getting entered into sweepstakes for money or other items. That’s pretty cool, but I’d rather get money for a reward.

Our score: 9.5/10

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A very good site for paid surveys, mainly targeted at US residents. Get started with your full name, an active email address, a residential zip code, your birth date, and your gender. This information is important because it helps administration to understand what survey companies may be searching for your specific demographics. Paid surveys are very suitable for these purposes, because companies are profitable to pay money for questionnaires, rather than throwing goods to a landfill. And if you compare the costs of pre-paid surveys and potential losses from the unsold of goods, the first will be significantly less. After that, you simply choose which of their partner companies you would like to sign up with in order to receive their surveys. Most users of this resource earn about $ 30- $ 35 a month. If we consider that they spend no more than 2 hours per month for this, the earnings on polls can be considered worthy. Participating in surveys, you will not only receive money for this, but also get interesting information about new goods and services that interest you.

Our score: 9.4/10

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#4 Panel Bucks

This company is the leader among the services providing the opportunity to earn on paid surveys. When developing new models of automobiles, coffee machines, new types of shampoos and shower gels, electric shavers, industry giants check the interests of consumers and how they value most of their products or services, what are the fundamentally important factors that negatively affect the attitude of consumers to the product, and which, on the contrary, positively. The website is an excellent opportunity to earn extra income. Register and start getting money right mow. I would definitely recommend Panel Bucks for anyone who is looking to make some extra money in its spare time. So, if you want to make an extra $ 25- $ 50 a day, I would say go ahead and start using it.

Our Score: 9.3/10

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#5 Panel Pay Day

With the widespread development of the Internet, they were online polls which became very popular, since it is much faster to conduct surveys on the Global Web (at the same time thousands of participants can fill out questionnaires), cheaper (do not pay people who walk along the street and propose passers-by to fill out questionnaires) and of course more effective (respondents already “lined up” to pass surveys for a fee). So, the main Panel Pay Day advantages are:
• Checked questions on goods and services for real money.
• Earn $ 25 today just for joining instant cash surveys.
• Real online jobs brought to you by a global team of professionals.
Of course, in this way you will not earn a million, but receiving $ 50- $ 80 per month is quite a real bargain. After receiving the survey by e-mail, try to participate as quickly as possible. The quicker and more willingly you respond to service offerings for paid surveys, the more assignments they will send in the future. To do this, try to check your e-mail more often, because there will always come some new invitations.

Our score: 9.3/10

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#6 eSurveySeeker

ESurvey Seeker is a project that helps manufacturers find out what their customers think, and gives customers the opportunity to share their opinion. This type of online work is similar to paid posting on forums. However, paid surveys are quite capable to bring a certain amount, sufficient, for example, to pay for using a mobile phone. After filling in the profile, go to the “Polls” section and go through the questionnaires, if there are some available. If not, do not worry, polls come quite often. Invitations also come to the e-mail box. But better try to visit the project as often as possible. We would definitely recommend ESurvey Seeker for anyone who’s looking to make some extra money in their spare time. So, if you want to make an extra money, we recommend to go ahead and sign up.

Our score: 9.3/10

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#7 SurveyMomma

SurveyMomma is an international company working in the field of marketing research in two dozen countries, including the United States. We rank our survey on the basis of feedback from our members. We also provide a description of the type of rewards. Before starting work, we recommend that you read our tips and also the FAQ. This will help to avoid some possible mistakes and make your earnings on polls more successful. You can easily make $ 60 just for surfing online and earn even more by joining special research projects. With the widespread development of the Internet, it was online polls that became very popular, since it is much faster to conduct polls on the Internet (thousands of participants can fill out questionnaires at the same time), cheaper (do not pay people who walk along the street and offer to fill in questionnaires) and, of course very convenient for people who are interested in money. Complete surveys and earnings redeemable for cash and other great prizes. Participate in focus groups paying $ 25- $ 50 / hour! Easily accumulate $ 10 minimum to get automatic payments via PayPal with Opinion Plus Panel.

Our score: 9.3/10

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