Paid Surveys Etc.
Rating: 68/100
Cost: $69.00 (one-time membership fee)
*Special Offer –$35.00 (Use coupon code “Etc50Off” for half price offer)
Recommended: NO


By now you probably know that the more market research companies you are registered with, the better your chances of getting quality surveys on a consistent basis. The “trick” really is to do as many surveys as possible. Even though these surveys only take 15-20 minutes, lining up 3 or 4 a day is the real challenge – actually doing them is a breeze.

I am always looking for new and better sources of online surveys. There are tons of websites that list market research companies looking for people who are willing to take these surveys. Unfortunately, most of these websites either list “bogus” companies or they simply list exactly what all the other sites are listing.

It seems to be a great and perpetual problem for the rally good sites – getting ripped off by other sites that simply use their listings. In many online forums there’s been threads about PaidSurveysEtc scams. Although I don’t think Paid Surveys Etc scams people, you need to know what you are letting yourself in for.

Because I am always looking for new sources, I’ve joined virtually every survey directory on the internet. If they can give me just one new contact, I can potentially earn $30 – $50 a week from that new contact which makes it more than worth the initial $30 signup fee.

I have no problem asking for a refund if I feel they don’t offer quality listings (*tip – make sure you only sign up with survey directories that actually offer a money back guarantee). Unfortunately Paid Surveys Etc. is someone I’ve asked for a refund. Although they have a big database, many of the companies they list are not in business anymore and I found it really frustrating and a waste of time searching through their database.

There’s been quite a few complaints about Paid Surveys Etc. In some of the online forums and one of the biggest concerns is the level of online support they offer. I’ve had no real problems getting a response from them, but my real problem is just the quality of the site and the offers they list.

Although you probably will find some unique offers on Paid Surveys Etc. It’s probably not worth the investment. Maybe if you are already successful with online surveys and looking to expand your network. They really lack training and support for newbies. If you compare it to Survey Scout which has a massive community and support base with training and everything you need to get started then you should probably look towards alternatives first.

Although many Paid Surveys Etc reviews talk up the earnings potential, I’ve found that they don’t particularly offer higher paying surveys. All and all, I can’t recommend Paid Surveys Etc. Simply because I think y can spend your money better by joining Survey Scout and Surveys4Checks. In saying all that, please feel free to give them a try. My Paid Surveys Etc review is only a reflection of my experiences. There are some people that had great success with them. They do offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose.


best Best Features:

• Well laid out site which looks good and very easy to use

• 60 day money back gaurantee


worseWorse Features:

•  Lot of out of date and broken links in their listings

• Continuously trying to sell you make-money products

• Not enough training and support


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