Rating: 91/100
Cost: $35 (one-time membership fee)
Recommended: YES


Survey Scout is one of the longest running survey sites on the internet. When you join Survey Scout you now only get access to some of the most reliable market research companies, but you get access to a wealth of experience – something you will need to help you get started. Survey Scout has more than 100,000 members and when you are inside the members area you will see why it’s one of the most respected survey sites on the internet. Survey Scout scams are just non existent because ALL their listings are pre-screened.

The members are very passionate and very protective of their community and there are literally thousands of members that make a very good living just doing surveys online. Survey Scout’s excellent reputation and the fact that they’ve been around since 2002 which makes them one of the most reliable survey sites around. There’s been no Survey Scout scam reports that I know of and they protect their impeccable reputation with an iron fist. If you are not happy with their service in any way, they give you your money back – no questions asked. An estimated 9.6 out of every 10 members that join Survey Scout stay members for life.

Their solid reputation has earned them the trust of many of the largest market research companies and this allows Survey Scout to provide surveys and offers that you can’t find anywhere else. Their database has roughly 300 – 400 companies listed at any given time and their database gets updated weekly. Many survey sites out there have outdated databases which can really waste your time and frustrate you when trying to find surveys to do.

Their database is very easy to navigate and organized in such a way that you can find the right offers quickly. They offer a wealth of resources to their members – helping you in ever aspect of the game. Their customer support is excellent and you can rest assured that they won’t take your membership fee and run with it. One of their greatest features is their membership base.

With 100,000 members there’s always someone willing and able to help you and there’s a great sense of community amongst the members. There’s nothing like learning from people who are actually successful at surveys and this alone is worth the $35 membership fee. On top of this they have some invaluable tools to help you complete surveys in half the time which can greatly speed things up and make you more money.

Very few people have a bad word to say about them and most Survey Scout reviews are very positive about their reliable service. Although they are reliable and offer one of the biggest databases, their surveys tend to pay less than some other sites.

On average their surveys pay $10 – $15. Although there are many sites that offer surveys that pay more, they do offer more surveys and in the end you will make more on quantity than you will on quality.

Apart from online surveys, Survey Scout also offers Focus Groups and “Paid For” offers that are a lot more fun and they tend to pay much better. They are harder to get into, but as you gain a bit of experience you can easily score 2 Focus Groups a week at an average of $75 each.

If you want to get into taking surveys for money in your free time (and from the comfort of your own home) then I would suggest you start with Survey Scout. The support and training they give you is priceless and earning an extra $500 – $1,000 a month is pretty easy.

To take a test survey to see if this is for you, just go to Survey and click on the “Sample Survey” button. Watch out for their special offers to new members where they give you easy surveys that you can do immediately to help you make back your membership fee almost immediately.


best Best Features:

• Solid reputation with reliable customer service

• Special relationships with some of the biggest market research companies

• Excellent support from both the Admin and fellow members

• Big and up-to-date database (gets you a lot of potential surveys to do)


worseWorse Features:

•  Surveys don’t pay that high (only $10 – $15 average)

• Quite hard to get into the high paying offers as a newbie


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