Working from home in 2017 and further – what’s new?

You might remember that some years ago work from home was barely possible for well-qualified staff. It was appropriate for young mothers with their babies needing care and also for part-time non-specific jobs. Now everything changes rapidly, and working from home becomes a real trend in modern life.

What are the opportunities for distance jobs in 2017? To answer this tricky question we need to go deep inside the modern tendencies of what is called freelancing.

Important trends of distance working which will influence you

Everyone feels that employment policies around the world started changing. Companies hire international staff, you may live in the US and work for Germany or the UK. Borders are gone, and the world becomes a smaller place. The same is happening in nearly every sphere of life and every single company.

So, soon the picture of how we actually live won’t be the same. It’s better to look at trends which are important in distance working right now. These facts will give you motivation to move forward to remote working place and find the best options around there. Let’s look at what is meant by current distance working tendencies.

Trend 1: It’s now fashionable to work remotely

Not only freelancers work from their own places. We now see thousands of company workers, who recently were in offices, taking their places at kitchen tables and living-room couches. It’s become more fashionable to send workers home and pay them even more.

What do companies get out of it? More opportunities to broaden the staff, smaller payments for office routine, shortened electricity bills and rental payments. Well, it’s enough to call such trend a global tendency.

Trend 2: Freelancing gets paid… Well-paid!

Recently you could hardly survive in an average city with those salaries offered in freelance sphere. Today it’s getting quite different. You can earn much more than most office workers if you can:

  • do things which only few other people can do;
  • find vacancies and projects in internet;
  • sell yourself to the employers, reveal your bright sides;
  • get the work done by the end of deadlines.

There are hundreds of freelancers who changed their locations to more expensive ones, bought new vehicles and paid off their loans. Isn’t it motivating?

Trend 3: It doesn’t matter if you are in office

Office job was the sign of success and self-expression. But now people clearly see its limitations and troubles of low-paid work. It’s not cool anymore to work from office. One more thing – today’s prospective jobs don’t care if you sit at office table or not.

Programmers, designers, PR-managers, writers and journalists can easily work from any place they find attractive. The future professions are really ok with workplace choosing and it’s great for those who see the benefits.

Trend 4: Time is money

You can’t afford to spend hours in traffic jams or in public transport. Reading a fiction book or just trying to find anyone to speak to isn’t the best option to pay your time for. You’d better start working and get your tasks done by the time you usually arrive at office.

What’s more important, you don’t need any time to spend with your annoying colleagues, on those meetings and conferences. It’s all up to you to decide what you’d like to do right now.

Trend 5: Spend less, earn more

Besides earning better salary you could also spend less money for transport, office snacks and lunches, coffee and other everyday things. Buy a reasonable coffee machine, cook your meals at home, don’t use your vehicle or public transport to get to work.

Here are usual things an office worker wastes his money for:

  • coffee – couple of Starbucks’ cups a day ruin your budget;
  • lunches – those aren’t cheap, too;
  • colleagues’ birthdays – many people hate those days;
  • meetings after work – bars also kill your liver;
  • transport – it’s 100% cheaper to sit at home.

Trend 6: Freedom rules the world

We went to school and dreamt about after-school age. Then we studied at university and dreamt of adult life freedom. Then we found the job and are waiting for… pension? It’s time to decide which way you’d like to go in your life. Working from home could be the decision if you really need some freedom.

You’ll be able to decide if you want to work or have a day-off. Finally, family will get the needed attention. Of course, there are some cons in sitting at home, but for many of us the pros will be much bigger.

Trend 7: Travelling isn’t bad for earning

If you can work from home, why not try to work from some hotel in Thailand or Vietnam? People choose travelling as their way of life. And it doesn’t disturb their work. One couldn’t think of a better way to keep earning money and start travelling.

Well, it deeply depends on how much you earn, but here is another important bonus: you decide by yourself how much you need to work. So, distance working is much more welcomed by people who have a modern view of life.

How can I find work and make it from my own home?

  1. Create your CV. It’s so important that you have optimally presented CV with all your strength highlighted properly. It will help you to apply for different jobs around the world.
  2. Find companies which hire remote workers. There are plenty of them in different countries and continents. Maybe, some business is seeking for you right now.
  3. Go online. The only possible way to work from home today is to go online and find job opportunities here.
  4. Find projects at freelance websites. Freelancing might be the best thing to offer. Don’t resign from your job, try taking some freelance projects as addition to your main career.
  5. Speak to your boss. Maybe, your company is looking for ways to optimize budgets and shorten costs. Propose distance working and explain why it can be of big benefits for the company.

It’s not that hard to find the job online or to change your specialization and qualification. You just need to try and look around for appropriate options. Find your way in distance working and build your career wisely looking into the future.

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